Nikhil Barthwal

About me

Several years of industry experience in all aspects of Software Development Life-cycle. I act as a startup mentor and provide technical advice to start-ups. My expertise includes:

  • Cloud Computing: Developing applications for the cloud, Migrating legacy applications
  • Functional Programming: Using F#/Scala to develop Real-World Web Services in Cloud
  • Microservices: Microservices architecture, Migration from Monolithic to Microservices, Processes & Tools for Developing/Testing/Deploying Microservices,Deployment patterns
  • Software Architecture: Domain Driven Design (DDD) / Event Sourcing / Event Driven Architecture / Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS)
  • DevOps: Building CI/CD pipelines, Tools like Jenkins/Teamcity, Unikernels
  • Development methodologies: Agile development/Scrums, Test Driven development, Generative Programming
  • Enhancing Software Quality: Methods like Static Analysis & Dynamic Analysis, Custom development on SonarQube

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Conference Talks

I am a frequent speaker in National & International conferences. Below are the list of places where I have given a talk.

Year 2018: Year 2017: Meetup's:

Videos from some of my talks